National Security Review - Borders, Customs, Immigration

GH conducted a strategic review of all points of entry to the country on behalf of the government of a Middle Eastern state. The review considered strategic issues and the operational effectiveness of existing measures.

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • Developed threat and risk assessments, performed site surveys, conducted interviews, undertook extensive desk and literature research
  • Engaged on defining security outcomes
  • Reviewed processes and practices
  • Observed operations
  • Wrote strategic summary reports in highly accessible format
  • Developed customised checklists and manuals for field inspectors
  • Designed best-practice models to guide real-world implementation
  • Delivered security vulnerability assessments for all facilities assessed – from primary arterial facilities to small local facilities
  • Developed organisational maturation through knowledge transfer.


The client organisation benefits from GH’s expert understanding of leading practices in border security standards, legislation and regulations, and the appropriate application of these elements within the unique context of the client’s needs and requirements. GH’s multi-disciplinary capability ensures a comprehensive solution is delivered in concert with key stakeholders.