National Security

The GH assisted a national government to improve its capability and resiliency in the fields of intelligence and national security. Through a bespoke programme of training courses tailored to meet the client’s organisational objectives, GH supported the client by improving its ability to identify, analyse and respond to immediate and long-term threats.

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • Conducted a strategic assessment of intelligence capabilities in the client country, including national security and law enforcement intelligence
  • Supported a national intelligence client to evaluate strategic and tactical risk in relation to specific threat actors and threat vectors; 
  • Provided briefings and strategic workshops
  • Delivered and managed strategic exercises for Ministry-level clients on crisis management and the role of intelligence
  • Provided training and mentoring support to all levels of government as part of the capability development commitment of GH


GH delivers training courses customised to meet the client’s highly specialised needs. The courses are prepared and delivered by subject matter experts with decades of international experience and extensive knowledge of the local operational environment. Courses are interactive and include a large amount of practical work. Attendees are provided with detailed Arabic-language printed reference materials to facilitate continued learning in the workplace. Feedback from the client confirms that they have witnessed an immediate operational benefit as a result of the training they have received.