National Maritime Strategy Development

GH was retained to lead the development and implementation of a comprehensive maritime strategy for a Middle Eastern government and assist with its multi-year implementation.

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • Multi-discipline working groups to draft strategy based on safety, security, sustainability
  • Maritime legal analysis of key agencies and regulatory framework
  • 9 Goals, 43 Priorities, 164 Initiatives defined
  • Final strategy published and signed by 14 agencies
  • Interagency process created: plenary meetings, 5 interagency coordinating groups
  • Initiative implementation plans written, reviewed, improved and being executed
  • Change and certification process implemented
  • Organisation operations and quality manual developed
  • Embedded support for continued strategy implementation


The project implemented by GH led to a fundamental change in how the client government approaches the maritime domain, which in turn has contributed to the ongoing development of the country and the realisation of the client’s stated vision for the maritime sector