High-Level Safety and Security Master Plan

This high-end, mixed-use, large-scale development will be one of the most high-profile areas in Abu Dhabi when it is completed. GH was required to develop safety and security master planning to ensure security was addressed and appropriate counter-measures could be included in plans and standardised across developments. 

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • An ‘all hazards’ risk assessment
  • Consultation with all relevant external agencies and stakeholders to identify key safety and security strategies for the development
  • A security strategy to inform the development of the broader master plan through the implementation of a safety and security master plan


GH’s work will ensure that safety and security measures are appropriate and integrated across numerous developments, reducing the overall spending outlay on security by designing out significant vulnerabilities and ensuring the coordination of security technologies and operations. As well as reducing security costs in the immediate and long term, this approach significantly enhances the effectiveness of selected security measures and will provide a secure and sustainable development.