Establishment of an International Organisation - Capability Development

GH facilitated the establishment of an international organisation in Abu Dhabi. GH’s role included strategy development, vision, organisational design, recruitment, stakeholder engagement, operating procedures, administration and other tasks. The centre is now globally recognised as a leading contributor in its field. 

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • Strategy and Design Phase: created a foundation for the organisation by developing a vision, strategy, brand, structure and physical facility, and stakeholder engagement record
  • Optimisation and Growth Phase: recruited new personnel, matured organisationally, and expanded its content and initiative development and stakeholder engagements
  • Transition Phase: prepared to assume full operational independence 


The organisation has full operational and legal independence, managed numerous initiatives globally, recruited qualified personnel, and advanced from a startup to an international platform, recognised by many governments and partners for its growing expertise and involvement in its field.