Diplomatic Facility Security

GH conducted assessments of selected diplomatic facilities in high threat environments. Assessments included the review of both physical security and emergency planning preparations for selected embassies, ambassadors’ residences, and travel routes of selected diplomatic missions considered to be high risk. 

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • Threat and security assessment of diplomatic facilities in high-threat environments such as in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, Pakistan, Lebanon, Syria, Jordan, Morocco, Algeria, and Bahrain
  • Operational readiness assessment of security planning, procedures, manpower, systems, equipment, physical security and contingency response capability
  • Prioritised, ‘quick-fix’ recommendations to improve security concerns at diplomatic facilities


The project identified embassy-specific improvements that could be made in the short-term to increase embassy security and resilience, based on the security environment of the host country and threats to its diplomatic facilities. GH also used the assessment information to make recommendations regarding improvements to the foreign ministry’s diplomatic security programme.