2010 Gulf Cup in Yemen - High-Profile Event Security

In an extremely high threat environment, GH conducted comprehensive security assessments, delivered interagency workshops and provided continuous security advisory services to government and security forces prior to and during the 2010 Gulf Cup in Yemen. 

Key Accomplishments and Deliverables

  • GH delivered high-impact approaches to securing the tournament at both strategic and operational levels under tight deadlines and in a dangerous operating environment
  • The absence of any major terrorist or safety incidents proved a significant public relations victory for the Yemeni government and ensured substantial infrastructure and development investment
  • GH’s emphasis on a whole-of-government approach successfully integrated diverse functions such as public relations and emergency response into traditional security planning


The results of the project included a successful international tournament in an extremely high-risk environment and the increased capacity of Yemeni security forces, particularly in command and control and interagency coordination.